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This documentation is to support you to get up and running with Ankr Solutions. We provide solutions for everybody. Whether you are a Crypto Enthusiast, Developer, Enterprise or a member of the Ankr Community.
Join the Web 3.0 movement and connect your application to any chain in seconds. Ankr offers developers streamlined, reliable and cost-effective one-click solutions leaving you free to focus efforts on building applications.
  • Free Tier with scaling as you go.
  • 45+ EVM-compatible blockchains
  • Enterprise-grade connectivity.
Ankr Staking solutions or StakeFi solutions are designed for the needs of crypto participants looking to explore accessible staking and decentralized finance opportunities.
Ankr for Enterprise provides turnkey infrastructure solutions for businesses seeking to integrate blockchain systems. Ankr has the expertise, tools and infrastructure to provide a range of options to suit your needs.
ANKR tokens are for the Ankr community to participate and pay for Ankr services as well as have a say in the governance of the Ankr Network.
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