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The Ankr Protocol

The (r)evolutionary Ankr protocol brings increasing definition to Ankr’s vision of Web 3.0 mass adoption.
Featuring open access to a Public RPC API layer, Ankr Protocol provides reliable, load balanced access to node clusters from anywhere in the world.
“Join a decentralized community and economy”.

What's so (r)evolutionary about it?

Basically, you can utilize the Ankr Protocol to do the following:
  1. 1.
    As a **Provider of Infrastructure **or **Node Owner, **you can opt your node into the Ankr Protocol ⁃ The Protocol registers the node and includes it in the network.
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    As a Developer or Product Owner you can opt it to being a user of the protocol. You can get public or pay 10k ANKR per year for Ankr Premium and get private endpoints to access the Protocol via your dApp.
The Protocol optimises usage of the blockchain to provide the most efficient response possible by dynamically reducing latency between the user and the nodes.

Key Benefits

The Developer/Product Owner or blockchain consumer gets faster, stable access to the blockchain through a fully decentralised protocol (more efficient than had they not used the Protocol to carry out the same action).
The Provider of Infrastructure or Node owner receives ANKR tokens for their node and infrastructure being utilised by the Protocol plus benefits from being able to use the node infrastructure at times of peak traffic.
The Ankr Investor enjoys a significant utility of the ANKR token being employed on the platform, due to the subscription model.
**Ankr Protocol **optimises transactions for each chain by utilising the most appropriate nodes in order to reduce latency. Executing transactions via Ankr Protocol is faster and more efficient than using the blockchain directly, without the protocol.
Ankr Premium offers even further optimisation, speed and efficiency for 10K ANKR per year.
Initial blockchains supported are:Avalanche, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, Near, Polygon, Solana
By providing node services and receiving ANKR rewards, to building on multiple chains and receiving chain rewards. Anyone can build and earn on Web 3.0 from a DeFi newbie to a Crypto Degen.

Key Features

The Ankr Protocol is comprised of open access Public Community RPCs, Ankr Premium featuring private endpoints and Providing functionality.
Ankr Protocol is continuing to evolve and is on a pathway to being owned and governed by the Ankr community.
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