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FAQs about Ankr Protocol

Q. How do I resolve an error?

In general,
50x Errors are server errors. In the first instance, retry. If the problem persists, raise a ticket including the following details:
  1. 1.
    Time and timezone the issue occurred.
  2. 2.
    URL that resulted in the HTTP 502 or 504 response (for example:
  3. 3.
    Output from browsing to (replace with the domain and host name that caused the HTTP 502 or 504 error)
429 Errors are connection errors. RPC connections are not rate-limited but there may be connection errors due to the volume of network traffic. If these are recurring, you may consider upgrading to Ankr Premium.
Websocket connections are subject to a maximum of 15.
**400-428 Errors **are commonly due to end-user formatting errors. Check the composition of your requests. See sample requests (external) for assistance.

Q. How do I deposit ANKR tokens?

A. Check out Deposit ANKR tokens.

Q. Where do I buy ANKR tokens?

A. Check out How to buy ANKR tokens.

Q. What is a Public RPC?

A. Check out Public RPCs

Q. What are the benefits of Ankr Premium?

A. Check out Ankr Premium
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