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How to buy ANKR Tokens
The easiest way to buy ANKR Tokens is probably via a Centralized Exchange (CEX). If you want to swap a base crypto asset for ANKR then checkout How to Swap assets for ANKR.

What CEX's can I buy ANKR Tokens from?

You can buy ANKR Tokens from a number of Centralized Exchanges (CEX’s):
For example: Kraken, Gemini, Binance
NOTE: Buying ANKR on some exchanges is not available in certain countries
In the following guide we’ll be buying ANKR tokens from Kraken.
01 Sign up for an Account on the Kraken website
02 Click on the Create Account button in the upper-right corner and follow the steps to create your account.
03 Verify your account.
Provide relevant verification details for your location
04 Add funds or a payment method to your account
Make a Fiat Deposit by card, Deposit another Crypto Asset and pay with that. Use a Credit Card, Make a bank transfer of fiat.
NOTE: These fund/payment options may vary depending on your location.
04 Buy the desired amount of ANKR.
Ensure you buy enough to cover fees.
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