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02 Deposit ANKR
If you are using Ankr Premium or becoming a Provider, you will need to deposit the required amount of ANKR tokens. This section describes how to connect your MetaMask wallet and deposit your ANKR.


  • You have the required amount of ANKR in your MetaMask wallet plus some ETH for transaction fees.
    Ankr Premium Developer: 10000 ANKR
    Ankr Premium Project: 30000 ANKR
If you do not have sufficient ANKR, then check out How to buy ANKR Tokens & How to Transfer ANKR to your Wallet or How to swap crypto for ANKR tokens.

STEP ONE: Connect Wallet

01 From the Ankr Premium Landing page, select ‘Connect Wallet
02 Open your MetaMask wallet extension to authorize the connection.
03 You are asked to provide your MetaMask public encryption key to enable Ankr to securely enable your deposit.
NOTE: What is my Wallet Public Encryption Key?
Wallets use cryptography to generate key pairs: a public and a private key. You can derive a public key from a private key, but you cannot derive a private key from a public key. Your MetaMask Wallet address beginning with Ox acts like a public key (although it is generated via an algorithm from your public key). However, this means that it is possible to share your wallet address or public key without anybody reverse engineering it to derive your private key and gain access to your funds.
03 Authorize your MetaMask extension to connect to Ankr Premium if you wish to continue.

STEP TWO: Perform the Deposit transaction

01 Enter the amount you wish to deposit (10000, 30000 or 50000 ANKR)
02 Confirm the transaction
NOTE: There will be a small delay as the transaction is confirmed by 12 blocks on the Ethereum network.
03 Upon successful completion of the Deposit, the screen updates to notify you that you are now a Premium Member.
04 Ensure you securely disconnect by allowing access to your public encryption key again.
05 Finally, disconnect your MetaMask wallet by clicking ‘Decrypt’.
You can now access the Private RPCs page and get your private_** https and wss endpoints.**_

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