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Binance Smart Chain
Ankr offers comprehensive solutions for those who want to support the Binance Smart Chain network.
We offer BSC APIs and staking through Ankr's BSC validator node.

The Binance Smart Chain

Binance is the largest crypto exchange globally, and builders are finding its native blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain, to be one of the most enticing options for developing and launching new DeFi projects and tokens.
The BSC blockchain uses a proof-of-staked-authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism updated and operated by 21 validators. Validators must also be elected every 24 hours by delegators. Delegators are all other members that have staked BNB tokens.
Ankr is consistently voted into the Top 3 Validators. Because Ankr is one of the most established and reputable validators on the BSC network, there is almost no risk of it getting “slashed” or removed from the small list of validators, making for a safer and more profitable staking process.

Product Availability on BSC

Ankr Solution
BSC Full Node
Developer API for Mainnet, Testnet
BSC Archive Node
Developer API for Mainnet
BSC Validator Node
BNB staking
(on Binance Chain, not Binance Smart Chain)
Ankr Earn

Public Blockchain Infrastructure Operated by Ankr

Public RPC
BSC Validator
Ankr's BSC validator is one of 21 validators writing blocks to Binance Smart Chain. Delegate your BNB to our validator to earn rewards (10-30% APR). is a public RPC processing over 80 million requests per day and is consistently a top-performing service according to
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