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BNB Staking with ANKR BSC Validator
Ankr's BSC validator is one of 21 validators writing blocks to Binance Smart Chain.
BNB holders can earn 10-30% APR by delegating their BNB to Ankr_BSC_validator_1.
ANKR takes 0% commission, allowing BNB holders to maximize earnings. Our Developer API paid service subsidizes our costs for running the validator.

Why Stake BNB With Ankr?

Ankr is one of the most profitable ways to stake BNB as we are the only validator that charges no commission fees.
    Higher APY & No Commission Fees - Ankr charges no commission fees as a BSC validator, meaning more earnings for you. We consistently reward one of the largest APYs of any staking solution on the BSC.
    Support and secure the Binance Smart Chain - Staking BNB directly supports the Binance platform and helps validate transactions on the network.
    Security & Safety - Keep all funds in your own wallets and hold custody of your keys at all times.

Delegate Tutorials:

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