Binance SmartChain

Deploy Binance SmartChain API server

Deploy SmartChain API server

1. Head to to deploy a new API. Click the APIs button from the left side bar.

2. On this page you will see your active APIs, in case you do not have any activated it will show screen below. Click + Create to setup a new API.

3. Make your selection, in our case we choose to setup an API for Binance by clicking Deploy.

4. Provide Project name and choose the Network (Main, Test) for which you want to enable the API.

5. Your Binance SmartChain API is now Active By default we offer 100K requests per day. If you require additional request you can Upgrade using the Upgrade button

6. To access your API Endpoint click on the arrow icon

9. You can copy your API Endpoint by clicking the copy icon

Binance Smart Chain brings EVM-compatible smart contract functionality to Binance Chain. Thanks to a dual-chain architecture with cross-chain communication, users can create dApps and tokens on the Smart Chain and leverage Binance Chain for fast trading on Binance DEX.

In the following subchapters, we will provide some query examples for the Binance SmartChain on the ANKR API platform.

Full documentation on JSON-RPC Endpoint is available here

The official RPC API description can be found here.