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About Ankr Earn
​Ankr Earn is platform to earn staking rewards in multiple ways.
  1. 1.
    Liquid Staking
  2. 2.
    Pooled Staking
  3. 3.
    Parachain Liquid Bonding
  4. 4.
    Ankr Boost - Platform to identify yield farming opportunities across DeFi platforms. _Coming Soon. _
Ankr Earn provides a simplified staking experience to users of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks and requires no specialist expertise, machinery, or hardware to get started.

The Problem with Traditional staking

Traditional Staking presents barriers to the majority of people interested in becoming involved in Staking. Ankr removes these barriers to enable anybody to participate in staking opportunities.

Capital Inefficiency

LOSS OF LIQUIDITY these funds are then locked until the current Ethereum mainnet merges with the beacon chain estimated to be in 2022. This loss of liquidity presents another barrier to staking.
**HIGH CAPITAL REQUIREMENT TO ACCESS STAKING REWARDS **Currently, a deposit contract to run a Validator node on the ETH2 beacon chain is 32 ETH. This is a big commitment of approximately $84,779 (as of August 1st 2021) and is a significant barrier to many crypto enthusiasts keen to run a node. Ankr solves this problem with Pooled Staking enabling individual participants to pool smaller amounts of crypto assets to collectively acquire the minimum required to run a node. LOCKED FUNDS Assets are providing security to the network and are locked for that purpose. Not being able to re-use the bonds.

Technical Complexity

Serving as a validator is a technically complex and costly business demanding a high degree of expertise. There are high financial penalties - slashing - if an invalid transaction is wrongly validated or if a node goes offline.

The Ankr Staking Solution

Ankr Earn offers a range of solutions designed to ease complexity and enable mass adoption with a range of opportunities for anybody to get involved in staking with:
  • Minimum commitment costs
  • Immediate access to liquidity
  • Transfer of risks to Ankr experts
Ankr Staking Solutions are comprised of:
Pooled Staking - Stake a minimal amount into a micropool of your choice. Currently ETH (0.5 ETH minimum), BNB (1 BNB minimum), AVAX (no minimum amount) **reducing barriers to entry.
**​ **
Liquid Staking - Unlock liquidity from staked tokens and get instant market liquidity with liquid staking tokens. Furthermore, explore additional DeFi yield opportunities with Ankr Boost.
**​ **
Ankr Boost - Easily find yield farming opportunities using Liquid staking tokens from Ankr, namely: Trading Cockpit, Liquid Mining, Farming, Yield Aggregator, Lending
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