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How to stake AVAX
This section walks you through staking AVAX and receiving Internet Bonds
This section assumes you have set up your wallet for the Avalanche C Network.
Check out Configure Metamask to Avalanche Network if you haven't done so yet.

01 Connect your Wallet

1. Visit the StakeFi app and click the 'StakeFi Launchpad' button. 2. Locate the ‘Stake AVAX’ box and click ‘Start staking’.
3. You are prompted to grant Ankr Stake Fi access to your wallet. Click **Grant Access **to proceed.
Avalanche Supported Wallets:
**Metamask: **Avalanche supported
MathWallet: Avalanche supported
TrustWallet: looks like Avalanche is not supported
ImToken: Avalanche not supported
Huobi wallet: Avalanche is not supported
4. Select the** Avalanche supported wallet** you wish to connect to e.g. Metamask.
Ensure you are connected to the Avalanche Network
5. Successful connection to StakeFi is indicated at top right corner.
Successful Connection

02 Stake your AVAX

**BE SURE: **
**To allow sufficient AVAX to cover gas fees AVAX - from 0.025 to 0.1 AVAX **
****Find out more** **
1. Click the + button to stake AVAX.
2. Enter the desired amount of AVAX to stake and click to stake and receive an aAVAXb internet bond.
3. Your wallet pops with details of the transaction including a Stakefi suggested gas fee .
  • Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed.
4. The status of the transaction updates in your wallet.
5. When staking is finalized, the **Staking Dashboard **updates.

03 Claim aAVAXb Liquid Staking tokens

Successful staking results in the issue of Ankr Reward-Earning Staked AVAX (aAVAXb).
TIP If you don't see the balance in your wallet, do the following:
Insert the aAVAXb token address directly into your wallet (e.g. Metamask) in case you do not see it in the balance of your wallet. **0x6C6f910A79639dcC94b4feEF59Ff507c2E843929 **
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