Returns information about ledger transactions





consensus timestamp

The consensus timestamp in seconds.nanoseconds

transaction hash

The hash value of the transaction processed on the Hedera network

valid start timestamp

The time the transaction is valid

charged tx fee

The transaction fee that was charged for that transaction

transaction id

The ID of the transaction

memo base64

The memo attached to the transaction encoded in Base64 format


Whether the cryptocurrency transaction was successful or not


The type of transaction

max fee

The maximum transaction fee the client is willing to pay

valid duration seconds

The seconds for which a submitted transaction is to be deemed valid beyond the start time. The transaction is invalid if consensus Timestamp is greater than transactionValidStart + valid_duration_seconds.


The ID of the node that submitted the transaction to the network


A list of the account IDs the crypto transfer occurred between and the amount that was transferred. A negative (-) sign indicates a debit to that account. The transfer list includes the transfers between from an account and to an account, the transfer of the node fee, the transfer of the network fee, and the transfer of the service fee for that transaction. If the transaction was not processed, a network fee is still assessed.

token transfers

The token ID, account, and amount that was transferred to by this account in this transaction. This will not be listed if it did not occur in the transaction


A hyperlink to the next page of responses


curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://<your-app-id>.ankr.com/api/v1/transactions?account.id=0.0.1000