Ankr JSON-RPC Endpoint

Obtaining the Ankr endpoint and making a simple request

Get the Endpoint URL

After successfully deploying an endpoint for Ankr you can get the endpoint from the Application details section as seen below:

The Endpoint URL will have the following format:


Example (as shown in the image above):

JSON-RPC request example

curl -X GET
"peer_version": 385875968,
"burn_consensus": "a308671edb01822252443e9a6861116e37ea037e",
"burn_block_height": 3723,
"stable_burn_consensus": "1c881f68d7293e1ba6522bd5039c715582232343",
"stable_burn_block_height": 3722,
"server_version": "blockstack-core 0.0.1 => (master:2fb1dcfce, release build, linux [x86_64])",
"network_id": 2147483648,
"parent_network_id": 3669344250,
"stacks_tip_height": 2087,
"stacks_tip": "faf96bb8b8bff16d3fd8e9f7dedd6e324a5e56525ed36620cf73e50f6167db04",
"stacks_tip_burn_block": "11a2ea9a3f2744328dcb8b0a86d15cebc4733bd921252743f50cb53d3fa5e61d",
"unanchored_tip": "ac0f36c3d1f72f50c31961a0f395a787e8af9d012c947e736bde2d65c2e2ecfb",
"exit_at_block_height": 28160

In the next section, you will find a detailed description of the provided Near API endpoints which can also be consulted in the Blockstack Official Documentation