Ankr Json-RPC End-Point

This is a guide on how to obtain the Tezos Ankr End-Point and execute a simple request.

Obtain Ankr End-point

After successfully deploying an Ankr Full node, the End-point can be found on the application details, on the left side of the screen:

The RPC endpoint will have the following format:


Example (as shown in the image above):

Simple JSON-RPC Request

// Request:
curl -X GET <your-app-id>
// Result:
"minor_words": 39478213492,
"promoted_words": 920996722,
"major_words": 1805712767,
"minor_collections": 150898,
"major_collections": 241,
"heap_words": 55660544,
"heap_chunks": 8,
"live_words": 26665292,
"live_blocks": 5000918,
"free_words": 28993407,
"free_blocks": 48929,
"largest_free": 67962,
"fragments": 1845,
"compactions": 7,
"top_heap_words": 86851072,
"stack_size": 248

In the next sections, we will describe some of the REST HTTP requests, most of which can be found in the Official Documentation.