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Initial testing of the Erigon BSC Testnet Archive Node
This is a description of our process and initial results running Erigon BSC for Testnet. The Mainnet is still being synchronized and details will be published shortly.
We intentionally ran a low spec server from Digital Ocean to demonstrate the high performance of Erigon for BSC.

00 Hardware Setup

  • Processor: 4 vCPU
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • OS: 160 GB
  • Storage: 1TB disk for BSC Testnet Archive Data

01 Synchronization Process

The Testnet synchronization process starts from the very beginning:
and proceeds all the way to the latest height at:
The synchronization process took 25 hours and 10 minutes.
It is worth considering that Erigon for BSC was only using a single CPU processor. We estimate that the sync process could 4-5 times faster than our trial.
It is also worth considering that this synchronization speed is still significantly faster than currrent Geth based clients.

02 RPC Benchmarking

We used ethspam and versus to benchmark performance of the Erigon Client. We conducted tests with 100, 200, 300 requests concurrently. Erigon displayed results that outperformed Geth clients every time AND without a single error.
If you compare the results below wit

1. Erigon with 100 concurrent requests

2. Erigon with 200 concurrent requests

3. Erigon with 300 concurrent requests

4. GETH Goerli Testnet with 100 concurrent requests

03 Future Work

Our focus going forward is to progress our collaboration with the Binance Smart Chain team with the following aims: 1. Continue to improve the performance of Erigon for BSC by utilizing full multi-core CPU capacity.
2. Enable Validator mode
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