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Frequently Asked Questions Harmony Staking Node
What is the minimum amount for creating a validator and also for delegations in general? ****The minimum amount of ONE tokens for creating a validator is 10,000 ONE. The minimum amount for delegations is 1,000 ONE.
Do i need any ONE in my account to make a withdrawal or claim my rewards? Yes, you will need a very small amount, typically 0.00002 ONE to cover the "Gas Fee" this is for each transaction that takes place whether it is transfering funds or claiming rewards.
What is the minimum amount to be elected into the committee? This amount is constantly changing based on how many coins are staked on the network amongs other things, you can check for yourself at on the dashboard. How many validator seats are available? Open Staking of mainnet, there are 320 slots available for bidding.
How does the election for the slots work? 1. Before the start of an epoch, all validator bids are ranked by bid price in descending order. 2. The highest 320 bids will be awarded the slots in the upcoming epoch.
How long does an Epoch last? Approximately 21 hours
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