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TomoX Node
In this tutorial, we will show you how to run an TomoX Node.
Set up the TomoX node on Ankr
1. Head to to deploy and click the Deploy A Node button.
2. Search or scroll down to find the TomoChain card, hover over it and press Deploy underneath TomoX.
3. Now you are taken to the configuration page. The hardware configuration is already set at the optimal system requirements, but you are allowed to increase the specifications if you wish to do so.
The platform also recommends a cluster, which is usually the one that has the most freely available resources. In this particular case, the recommended cluster is the UK cluster, but another cluster may be recommended depending on your location.
4. The application name for use in the Ankr application is pre-filled. You can change it if you want.
5. Choose a name for your node you can use letter and number, dashes (“-”) and underscores (“_”)
6. For security reasons we advise to set up a new Tomochain wallet using this guide. Insert the public address of TomoWallet into the Relayer Coinbase Address field from the Ankr App
For your reference, public address in TomoWallet:
6. Select the Payment Method, choose the number of months you want to run the node by moving the slider. The price and discount will increase when you extend the run time.
If later on, you want to extend the node’s run time, you can add funds at any time
7. Click Proceed to payment
8. Select payment method (USDT, ANKR erc20 or add your credit card)
9. For this tutorial we will choose Add New Credit Card
10. Provide all requested information and click Pay with Credit Card
11. If all information is provided successfully the deployment will of the node will start.
Your TomoX Node is now in the process of being deployed, this process can take approximately 2-3 hours until completion.
12. Your node is Running
13. After the node has fully synced we can register our DEX, go to: Tomochain Relayer
Please note: there is a minimum amount of 25000 TOMO required to be eligible to start your own DEX.
14. For more information about registration process watch the following video “Register an Exchange with TomoRelayer”:
15. To see if your Coinbase Relayer Address was successfully registered, you can use following link for validation:
16, After registration, the Coinbase Relayer Address needs to be added:
17. The ANKR DEX URL should be added to the Relayer Configurations page. In order to obtain it, go to your Tomochain TomoX node on Ankr. Click on the View Button.
18. Copy the URL of the DEX.
19. Copy URL in the Relayer Configuration
20. Everything is set up now. In case you want to have your own more friendly URL you can register a new domain name and forward it to the URL of the your DEX.
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