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Chain Neutrality

We are Chain Neutral

Ankr is a single platform that provides multiple different chains without advocating for any particular chain over another.

**NOTE: **This is also known as Blockchain Agnosticism.
As a multi-chain provider, Ankr is chain neutral; we don’t advocate for our users to adopt any particular chain in preference to another. For example, a question we often get from developers is “Should I build my project on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain?”
Developers currently have to choose between the networks and ecosystem.
For example, one consideration is whether they want users to hold crypto assets on ETH (ERC20) or BSC (BEP20) and what the implications are. For example, a user holding USDT, the ERC20 version, cannot easily buy a NFT being sold with USDT, the BEP20 version.
Ankr is at the forefront of addressing these limitations. By working closely with developers, Ankr has pioneered the building of tools for cross-chain interoperability.
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