Developer API vs Full Node

Developer API

API Node Services are an enhanced service with the following features:

  • Improved scalability,

  • Ultra reliable performance.

  • INSTANT launching of nodes on demand.

Use Cases

API Nodes are useful for building dApps requiring higher throughputs and when full syncing to the highest block is a requirement.

  • PROS

    • Enterprise-grade connectivity to create and configure smart contracts, send and receive transactions, and request data from the blockchain.

    • Super fast, smooth, error-free connectivity to node clusters with RPC

    • Freedom from node management pain

    • Solves sync delays, reliability issues and high accuracy requirements.

  • CONS

    • Rate Limiting

    • Access currently limited to specific blockchains.

Full Node

BE AWARE! The Full Node deployment service for a chain will CEASE once Ankr launches a Developer API service for it. Current full nodes running will have 30 days to move the service over to the API. For most users, this represents a performance improvement at a cost savings.

Full Node Deployment gives you the ability to launch nodes to 45+ chains in minutes on-demand.

This service deploys nodes in containers to bare metal servers.

Use Cases

Full Nodes are useful for building dApps without high performance requirements.

  • PROS

    • Instant deployment and nodes on demand

    • Connect your application to the blockchain without complicated configuration

    • Freedom from node management pain

    • Add nodes on demand

  • CONS

    • Sync delays with blockchain after initialization. Syncing can take hours, days, and for archive modes, even weeks.

    • Individual nodes aren't optimized for sudden variations in traffic. This can lead to bottlenecks and/or errors.